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Bitcoin and HEX comparison.


Kyle Bahr wrote an Advanced analysis of how HEX works.

HEX might be the only coin to undergo two independent security audits. They are both 80% complete. The code here is from 9-27-2019. This is not the final code, which will be available when the audits are published. This code does have fixes for issues discovered during audit. You can read these files in a text editor. HEX is written in the solidity language.


Stakers get rich on day 353

Around 12 million or more of the 18 million total BTC worth of HEX claims will be given to the stakers on day 353! And! It gets multiplied by the Viral and CriticalMass adoption bonus multipliers which can increase it up to 3x! Stakers get paid by shares, and the share price only goes up, so staking earlier, longer and larger is better. As of 9/29/2019:

So we're already down to 7.6M BTC of claims effectively. But wait, there's more.

The moral of the story is that Stakers will multiply their HEX stacks on day 353 when all these bonuses get paid to them. About 2/3 the Bitcoin supply worth of claims or more.

Bitcoin has several different address types. The majority of bitcoin is held in addresses that can be used to FreeClaim HEX. Some Bitcoin address types cannot FreeClaim HEX. 66.3% of BTC is in addresses starting with 1. 8.69% are in addresses starting with 3 or BC1 of type: P2SH or BC1 wrapped P2WPKH. Most exchanges and whales/institutions use multisig, which is not supported. HEX gives the common man a chance and pays the Stakers all the coins that can't or don't claim!

HEX Launch Phase Timing

BTC FreeClaim

Supported AddressesStatistics
Addresses starting with 1: P2PKH. Holds 10 Million BTC (56.5%) P2PKH chart
Addresses starting with 1: P2PK. Holds 1.76 Million BTC (9.8%) P2PK chart
Segwit: Addresses starting with BC1: P2WPKH. Holds 333k BTC (1.8%)P2WPKH stats
Segwit: Addresses staring with 3: P2SH-wrapped P2WPKH. If you click the link to the right, this is teal on the chart, and some portion of the green (unspent.) You can't know what the script is until it's spent from. Which would, on this chart, turn some of that green into other colors of known types. 3.6M BTC (20%) is of unspent / unknown P2SH type. You would have to guess how much of that turns out to be the P2WPKH type of P2SH which HEX supports. 872k BTC (5%) is known supported P2WPHK P2SH type.P2SH stats

Nothing else is supported. For instance, multisig is not supported. If you want to research Bitcoin's very complicated address system: Bitcoin address guide

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