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Snapshot in 4 weeks!

Our goal is to replace:

Gold as a store of value $7.7 Trillion USD
Offshore banking $15 Trillion USD
Credit cards/payments $770 Billion in Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal alone
Certificates for Deposit (CDs) $571 Billion in the USA alone, on just those under $100,000
HEX is the first high interest savings account on the Blockchain!
There's more to finance than currency! At your normal bank these are called CDs or time deposits, but they don't pay better interest if less people use them, we do! Let's replace all these middlemen with trustless interest! HEX is a Store of Value. 369%+ ROI if only 1% of coins stake.

The best thing a blockchain can do is store value!

Gold is 10x more valuable than those others combined! And no one uses it to pay for their coffee.

Never before seen features!

HEX is the first certificate of deposit on the blockchain. Trustless interest. Pays holders instead of miners. No Satoshi (if he doesn't claim in 50 weeks) or Mt.Gox dumping on you. No inflation bug possible like bitcoin has had. Unit bias fixed. Higher TPS. More distributed. Whale penalty which gives whales coins to stakers, etc.

Dishonest stakers that end stake early or late pay honest stakers. Longer stake commit pays 20% more per year (partial years are fine). Open source. No premine, no ICO, lower fees, lower inflation. Referral program. Founder is a marketing expert with an audience. Early adopters get paid extremely well.

20% Speed bonus falling to 0% over the fifty weeks. Unclaimed coins paid to stakers 2% per week for 50 weeks. Every week you don’t claim, someone else gets your coins. Critical mass and Virality bonuses increase payouts to early stakers to cancel out desire to keep it a secret and get more unclaimed coins. Every pumpamental to lock up supply and increase price.

The inflation is also delayed, because it's only paid on ended stakes, and stakes can last 50 years. No trading of staked coins to increase value of unstaked coins, and chance people early endstake and pay penalties to honest stakers.

Most of the money in crypto is made by the first people to get a coin.

Bitcoin is 10 years old already. By the time you hear about a coin, it's already up 10x-1000x for the first in. It's easier to 100x from $10 than from $3000.


Stakers earn more interest when less coins are staked. Stakers earn less interest when more coins are staked. More coins staked, means lower supply available on the market, which can mean higher price.

The above chart shows just the interest yield, The other bonuses are 50x-100x larger during the first 50 weeks!

HEX combines the best parts of Bitcoin with new powerful benefits!

IssuanceClaim, StakeMine
2x-30x coins by being earlyYN
Rewards holdersYN
Rewards minersNY
Pays high interestYN
Easy to earnYN
More secureYN
Higher Transactions per secYN
Lower FeesYN
More energy efficientYN
Missed the boatNY
Too many whalesNY
Units too largeNY
Hard fork dramaNY
Can go up 1000xYN

The best game theory of any currency or savings account!

Claim BonusesClaim Phase (First 50 Weeks)
ReferralEarn 20% on anyone that claims using your link.
SpeedEarn 20% bonus if you claim first week. Every week you wait, bonus Reduces by .4%
SillyWhalePenalty1k-10k+ claims pay reduced by 50-75% (Their loss is stakers gain! Paid over 50 weeks)
GoxMeNotMt.Gox and a few other parties are not allowed to claim.

Staking BonusesFirst 50 Weeks. Stakers Only
We're all Satoshi2% Unclaimed coins paid to stakers weekly. Claim 1st week or lose it all over 50 weeks
Critical massIncreases stakers pay by % of coins that claim. If 100% then 100% bonus.
ViralityIncreases stakers pay by % of addresses that claim. If 100% then 100% bonus.

Stake BonusesContinuous. Stakers only.
StakingIf 1% of coins stake, they make 369% interest avg. e.g. If 2% then 184.5%, 10% is 36.9% The less stakers the less the pool gets divided. More stakers, less circulating supply.
LoyalStaker1/2 Emergency End Stake penalties paid to pool. (1/2 weeks committed, minimum 12)
 1/2 Late End Stake penalties paid to pool. (1% of stake per week after 2 week grace)
LongerPaysBetterThe longer you stake, the more you make. ~20% bonus shares every year you commit over 1 week. Works on any length over. So 5 year gets 2x shares that 1 week would.
CompoundingThe interest pool is compounded every week, maximizing your gains.

The war for longer stakes

You know how you get more interest for staking longer? LongerPaysBetter also amplifies your other bonuses including the massive claim phase bonuses! It's a war for longer lockups to get more bonus shares than everyone else! Those that believe in the project the most gain the most bonus shares.

Example Claim

You claim 1 Bitcoin worth of HEX during the first week.
You receive 10,000 HEX plus 2,000 early claim (speed bonus) = 12,000 HEX The person that referred you gets 20% = 2,400 HEX
You stake for 52 periods (364 days)
This gives you ~20% extra shares in the LoyalStaker share pool
If only 1% of coins are staked, you get 369% APR plus the extra shares may put you over shorter stakers. As more coins get staked, your APR goes down. As more and larger claims are made it goes up.
Your share of 2% of the unclaimed coins are credited to your stake every week until week 50. You unstake. You now likely have several tens of thousands of HEX (multiplied your stack a few times) from being staked during all the bonuses.

How to Claim

  1. Install MetaMask in browser.
  2. Go to claim tool on (when it exists)
  3. Open BTC wallet & Sign statement given to you by the claim tool
  4. Paste signature to claim page.
  5. Press submit. DONE!
Note: Your ETH address is your HEX address. Claiming can only be done after the snapshot and after the claim tool is launched. (which should occur around the same time.)

Compressed summary for pasting

HEX: Claim free HEX by signing statement given by the claim tool from Bitcoin wallet containing BTC. All unclaimed coins distributed to staked claimants over 50 weeks. (GET SATOSHI'S COINS if he doesn't claim.) You're missing 2% more of your stack every week you delay claiming, till none left at 50 weeks. Pays holders instead of miners. Bonuses: Refer: 20% Speed: 20% falling to 0 at week 50. Up to 20% adoption bonuses, VIRALITY: the more people that claim, and CRITICAL MASS: the more coins claimed. Only referral and speed bonuses are paid to non-stakers. Longer stakes get 0.385% extra shares per 7 days longer stake commit (20% per year.) So a 5 year longer stake gets paid 2x what a 1 week stake would. If only 1% of coins stake, then they're getting 369% ROI a year. Trustless 3.69% interest pool paid to stakers instead of miners. Emergency (early) unstake pays a 1/2 of the weeks committed to (stake length) penalty, half of which goes to loyal stakers pool, minimum 12 weeks. SILLY WHALE PENALTY of 50%-75% from 1k to 10k+ coins. (avoidable by splitting up before snapshot.) GoxMeNot: Mt. Gox and a few other undesirables excluded from claiming.

Get Paid HEX if people claim after clicking your link

Earn 20% on everyone that clicks your referral link then claims one day! They get paid in full and you get 20% on top of payout. No signup required.

Your Referral Link

If you already have an ETH address, or want your payout to a different one, just paste it in place of this one:
Here's a simple 5 minute how-to video.


Refactoring some code. Then timewarping future estimated system states and user behavior, then sanity checking, then pushing final github and code lock, then audit, (then 3 weeks probably) then fix anything the auditor finds, then set snapshot date, release public testnet, tutorial vids.. Very optimistically 4 weeks (I can't make auditors faster, or even assure they're available when I need.)


Richard Heart


Richard Heart is a Bitcoin, Blockchain, cryptocurrency and internet marketing expert who has founded and managed several successful Internet startups, the largest having 150 employees with a turnover of $60M and operating in mortgage and consumer finance markets. He is a search engine optimization, affiliate marketing and startup veteran and has appeared on numerous international broadcasts including Russia Today (RT) television and CNBC (Africa) speaking about Bitcoin, Blockchain and cryptocurrency issues. He has a successful YouTube channel focused on self-help and cryptocurrencies at and a popular Twitter feed @RichardHeartWIN.

Cody Lamson


Cody Lamson is a full stack developer having written mostly javascript and smart contracts for the Ethereum blockchain. Cody was the lead blockchain developer for Brickblock, TV-two and a back end developer for Adidas along with other major companies. Cody has also built DApp’s for getting married on the blockchain and NoobCoin, an ERC20 token.

Brent Morrissey

Marketing Executive

Brent Morrissey is a cryptocurrency investor and business management professional, having founded internet startup clothing firm VegeShirt he also has extensive experience in digital marketing, search engine optimization and social media marketing

Dan Emmons


Dan Emmons is a certified Bitcoin professional (CBP), full stack developer specializing in AngularJS, DApps with Ethereum Solidity, Truffle framework, and JavaEE hosted on Google Cloud Platform among others. He is also the creator of #ByteSizeBlockchain Podcast.

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