Launching in November!

Bitcoin went up 26x from $750 to $20,000 in only 378 days. Ethereum went up 233x from $6 to $1,400 in 403 days. If you got in at $1 you made 7 times more. Imagine how 1,400x returns feel. Some people got in 3 times cheaper than that! Had you put in $223 when you first could, it would have gone up 4,500x to $1 Million, in only 3.5 years. Life changing. Most of the wealth in world is made by those that get in first!

HEX is the first High Interest Blockchain CD

CDs, known as Certificates of Deposit or Time Deposits, are worth Trillions of dollars. CDs are worth more than gold, credit card companies, and cash. CDs pay higher interest than savings accounts, requiring money be deposited for a fixed time. Banks profit on poor customer service, early withdrawal fees, and auto-renewing you at worse rates. The % they pay you in interest doesn't keep up with the % prices increase. New USD is printed all the time, making yours less valuable. HEX replaces inefficient currencies, banks and payment networks with verifiably secure peer-to-peer technology. HEX takes the profit out of banks and government money printing and gives it to HEX holders.

Hex is designed to go higher, faster, and retain its value.

How? Use a computer science breakthrough to disrupt the largest markets in the world with a product of nearly infinite profit margin. Eliminate middlemen, users can transform Ethereum directly into HEX. Kick-start adoption, give Bitcoiners free HEX. Help small guys, penalize Bitcoin whales. Early claimers get bonuses, late claimers get penalties. Pay bonuses to referrers and those referred. Pay the unclaimed coins and interest to those who time lock their HEX. Longer and larger stakes get more shares and the price per share only increases. HEX aligns incentives, so the more people that participate, the better everyone does!

HEX is the future of finance, stake your claim!

Buy Ethereum to transform it into HEX, claim for free if you have Bitcoin, or buy from someone who did! Stake HEX early, long and large, and watch it multiply!

HEX's Price Positive Game Theory (PPGT)

Every feature in HEX is designed to increase its price and adoption. It's a positive feedback loop. HEX rewards most those who acquire HEX the earliest, stake more for longer and refer others to do the same.

Send ETH to the lobby. Your % of that day's total ETH gets the same % of that days HEX. Day 1 mints 1 Billion HEX. Days 2-351 have ~500 million, to as low as ~300 million if 100% of FreeClaims are made.
Referred users get a 10% bonus minted and their referrer gets a 20% bonus minted.
Staking BonusesLaunch phase only. Paid on day 353.
Stakers get all the unclaimed HEX.
Each week a BTC holder doesn’t claim they lose 2% of it to stakers.
1k-10K+ BTC claim penalties of 50%-75% of their HEX goes to stakers. Multisig can't claim.
The 137,891 Mt.Gox BTC can't claim.
Staking BonusesLaunch phase only. Paid daily.
Amplifies staker pay up to 100% if 100% of possible BTC coins FreeClaim. Excludes TruthEngine.
Amplifies staker pay up to 100% if 100% of possible BTC addresses FreeClaim. Excludes TruthEngine.
Staking BenefitsContinuous (Permanent)
Only increases. Set by the maximum ROI any stake ever ended at.
If 1% of HEX supply stakes, they average 369% interest. If 2% then 184.5%, if 10% then 36.9% Fewer stakers means higher interest. More stakers means less circulating supply. 1 day minimum.
HEX mints up to 3.69% of total supply a year to stakers. Paid daily. If only 1% of HEX is staked, the average return is 369% net. 469% gross.
The longer you stake, the more you make. Up to 3x shares on a 3641 day stake.
Up to 10% bonus shares at 150M HEX staked.
Ending a stake to reinvest its yield never pays more HEX than having a longer stake.
50% of EmergencyEndStake penalties: 1/2 stake days, minimum 90. Can hit principal. 50% of LateEndStake penalties: 1% of stake per week after a 14 day grace period. Can hit principal.
Claim BonusesLaunch phase (353 days)
BTC FreeClaim
10K HEX per BTC (10K Hearts per Satoshi.) Called "Claim" for short.
20% day 1, reduces daily to 0% at day 351, the final day of claiming.
FreeClaims start 90% staked for 350 days & can't EmergencyEndStake for them. Upgrade to a longer stake and receive up to 3x shares.
Referred users get a 10% bonus minted and their referrer gets a 20% bonus minted.

Never before seen features!

HEX is the first certificate of deposit on the blockchain! HEX pays Trustless Interest with no counterparty risk. Given programmable money the first program should be interest.

Pays holders instead of miners. Staking HEX is like getting free mining hardware and electricity. Bitcoin and HEX comparison

No Satoshi (if he doesn't claim in 50 weeks) or Mt.Gox dumping on you. No inflation bug possible like bitcoin has had. Unit bias fixed. More distributed mining ecosystem. Whale penalty which gives whales coins to stakers, etc.

Around 12 million or more of the 18 million total BTC worth of HEX claims will be given to the stakers on day 353 by shares. And! It gets multiplied by the Viral and CriticalMass adoption bonus multipliers which can increase it up to 3x. The share price only goes up.

Stakers that end stake early or late pay loyal stakers. Longer stake commit pays 20% more per year, up to 3x shares, (partial years are fine). Lower fees, lower inflation. Referral program. Founder is a marketing expert with an audience. Early adopters get paid extremely well.

20% Speed bonus falling to 0% during the fifty weeks. Unclaimed coins paid to stakers 2% per week for 50 weeks. Every week you don’t claim, someone else gets your coins. Critical mass and Virality bonuses increase payouts to stakers so they make more HEX the more people that claim, than if less people claimed, even though they get unclaimed coins on day 353. Every pumpamental to lock up supply, increase adoption and price.

Hex has a lower inflation rate than Bitcoin, even after the rate was cut in half twice in its 10 years. The inflation is also delayed, because it's only paid on ended stakes, and stakes can last 10 years. Inability to trade staked coins increases the value of unstaked coins, and chance that some will early endstake and pay penalties to loyal stakers.

Trustless Interest.

Let's say you want to make more bitcoin on your bitcoin. What are your options? You could lend your coins out and take the risk they're not returned, or you could try selling your coins for mining hardware and hope to get more coins back later. Lots of people have lost money trying either.


Counterparty risk in Bitcoin investments.

To earn interest on their Bitcoin, most users send them to a centralized third party, such as an exchange. There, coins can be borrowed to "short" the market. Sellers borrow the coins to sell, in the hopes that they can rebuy them cheaper before they have to return them, thus profiting from price decreases. These centralized parties are security holes that are often hacked, destroy privacy, or introduce fees if you want to get your funds out. Billions of dollars in coins sent to exchanges or lenders have been stolen. Not your keys, not your coins.


These centralized third parties and middlemen are so important to users seeking yield (making interest) that the companies themselves have made more profit on Bitcoin than its founder. Billions and billions of dollars of value has shifted into the pockets of middlemen. HEX fixes this. 


This replaces these third parties with a trustless peer-to-peer to system. Instead of sending your HEX to an exchange so they can lend it out on your behalf to earn interest for you, you just lock it in same smart contract that minted all the HEX in the first place, and it credits you interest. If you're given programmable money, the first thing you should program is interest.


HEX pays interest to stakers instead of miners.

Some users try mining to make more cryptocurrency. Instead of sending your money to a foreign mega-corp to buy mining equipment which shows up late, used, or never at all, you can skip the depreciating asset and electricity bills and just stake your coins.


HEX is the first cryptocurrency with a chart of future sellable supply (expiring stakes over time.) This secures buyers confidence in future value of their investment.

HEX has Speculative Stickiness.
Normal crypto currencies have: Price, hash rate.
HEX has: HEX price, Share price, Directly affects staker profit per share: % of supply staking, Average stake length, Average stake size, stake expiration chart over time, early & late end stake penalties.

How can HEX make you rich?

Example: The HEX/USD price could go up 1,000x. You HEX stake could return 10x your HEX. 1,000x times 10x = 10,000x profit.

Understanding the AA lobby.
Imagine a bucket with 1 Billion HEX in it (which day 1 has.) Now imagine an empty bucket users throw ETH into. At the end of day your % of the ETH bucket gets that same % of the HEX bucket. Every day the buckets empty and start over for 351 days.

Making the most HEX.

Ways to maximize profit?

Adoption Amplifier Explained

Trustless Interest

Stakers earn a higher rate of returnthe fewer coins that stake. More coins staked, means a lower supply available on the market, which can mean a higher price.

The above chart shows just the interest yield, The other bonuses are worth 50x-100x more than the interest during the first 50 weeks! Most of the profit comes on day 353 when the lump sum payment of unclaimed coins, late claim penalties, SillyWhalePenalty, along with the CriticalMass and Virality bonus multipliers apply to them all!

The war for longer stakes

You know how you get more interest for staking longer? LongerPaysBetter also amplifies your other bonuses including the massive claim phase bonuses! It's a war for getting in earlier at lower StakeSharePrices and longer/larger lockups to get more bonus shares than everyone else! Those who believe in the project the most gain the most bonus shares.

Example Claim

How to Claim

  1. Install MetaMask in browser.
  2. Go to claim tool on (when it exists)
  3. Open BTC wallet and sign the statement given to you by the claim tool.
  4. Paste the signature into the claim page.
  5. Click "Submit". DONE!
Note: Your ETH address is your HEX address. Claiming can only be done after the snapshot and after the claim tool is launched. (which should occur around the same time.)


You can start referring people now!
You can make an ETH wallet and address easily by installing MetaMask

Make your own link by pasting your ETH address like this:

You are paid 20% on top of what users get from ETH sent to the AdoptionAmplifier or FreeClaiming. The people you refer get a 10% bonus minted for using your link! Paid in new HEX minted when they redeem their AA HEX or at FreeClaim. Referrals are paid in full on claim with no autostake unless someone is self-referring. You don't need any ETH to be a referrer, you can have an empty ETH address.

If you had metamask installed now, you could click the widget below and it would auto fill your ETH address to create the link for you.
Your Referral Link

Here's a simple 5 minute how-to video.
(Use the HEX URL and brand, not the old brand, though those links still work.)


HEX should launch in November 2019. We're 80% complete with dual independent security audits with two top firms (10/12/2019.) The code fixes have been submitted for final review. Once they are approved, the audits will be complete and we will release their reports. HEX might be the first coin to ever have two independent security audits. We've added links to the HEX advanced contract guide written by Kyle Bahr and the HEX profit simulator written by Paul Hughes.

Our Twitter and Telegram followers have been kept updated very often. Our website and email list followers have not. Please follow us! If you weren't following us, there are some important improvements that didn't get added to this website until September 2019.


Richard Heart


Richard Heart is a Bitcoin, Blockchain, cryptocurrency and internet marketing expert who has founded and managed several successful Internet startups, the largest having 150 employees with a turnover of $60M and operating in mortgage and consumer finance markets. He is a search engine optimization, affiliate marketing and startup veteran and has appeared on numerous international broadcasts including Russia Today (RT) television and CNBC (Africa) speaking about Bitcoin, Blockchain and cryptocurrency issues. He has a successful YouTube channel focused on self-help and cryptocurrencies at and a popular Twitter feed @RichardHeartWIN.

Cody Lamson


Cody Lamson is a full stack developer having written mostly javascript and smart contracts for the Ethereum blockchain. Cody was the lead blockchain developer for Brickblock, TV-two and a back end developer for Adidas along with other major companies. Cody has also built DApp’s for getting married on the blockchain and NoobCoin, an ERC20 token.

Dan Emmons


Dan Emmons is a certified Bitcoin professional (CBP), full stack developer specializing in AngularJS, DApps with Ethereum Solidity, Truffle framework, and JavaEE hosted on Google Cloud Platform among others. He is also the creator of #ByteSizeBlockchain Podcast.

Kyle Bahr


Kyle Bahr is a software engineer formerly of Netflix where he built back end systems, implemented client innovations, and ran internal workshops on blockchain fundamentals and emerging technologies. Most recently he lead the engineering team for a Silicon Valley based startup which offers a cloud-native, micro service platform. He wrote the "HEX Contract in Layman's Terms" guide.

Paul Hughes


Paul Hughes is the founder of, a web-based simulator of the HEX contract for profit and growth calculations.

Brent Morrissey

Marketing Executive

Brent Morrissey is a cryptocurrency investor and business management professional, having founded internet startup clothing firm VegeShirt he also has extensive experience in digital marketing, search engine optimization and social media marketing.

David Wilson


David Wilson is a Film, Audio, Print and Video Editor and has worked across all disciplines for more than 30 years. He co-founded Isthmus films to create a documentary in war torn Nicaragua under the mentorship of John Pilger and subsequently worked freelance with dozens of independent producers and directors, BBC Films, CH4 and Central TV, He edits for WF Howes, the world's largest independent publisher of audio books.

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